YouTube Holds Mum’s Attention

One third of British mums use YouTube to research which products or brands to buy, according to the UK YouTube Audience Report 2015. The research provides insight into the behaviour of Mums on YouTube.

The study found that entertainment is the primary reason for mums tuning in to YouTube. 52% of Mums use YouTube as a source of relaxation, while 35% use it to entertain their kids.

However, use of the platform as a consumer resource is also growing, with 33% Mums using YouTube to research products to buy and 26% using YouTube to make decisions about products.

The study also found that Mums browsing on YouTube are highly receptive to ads. Over a third of British mums say YouTube ads influence which products or brands to buy. The research found that 27% typically look for more information online after being exposed to an ad on YouTube, 25% visit the brands website, 20% click on the ad to find out more and 16% make a purchase in-store or online.

“It’s not just 18-year-old gamers, it’s mums and it’s the over- 55s who use YouTube,” says Google Ireland head of sales Ruth McEntee.

Consumer household giants that target the main-shopper audience, such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever, are typically among the biggest television advertisers. But they’re now “telling stories in a different way” online, McEntee says, for example, through longer brand videos and the paid-for ads that “pique the interest” of users within the first five seconds – before the “skip ad” option appears.