Mum comes up with a genius way to get her teenage daughter to respond to her texts!

Stock image © wavebreakmediamicro

Communicating with teenagers can be hard. So when Catherine Gladwyn’s 19-year-old daughter Chloe returned to university after the summer, she decided to make it easy for her daughter to let her know that she was ok… by offering her a simple multiple-choice question!

My job as a Virtual Assistant is to free up my client’s time, so I know the importance of keeping things short and to the point,” said Catherine, who runs Delegate VA.

“After a summer holiday of fun and freedom, I thought Chloe would appreciate this quick, no-fuss approach,” the Swindon-based mum said.

“Sometimes it can take hours to get a reply to my messages. I’ve had her at home all summer, and I need a certain amount of contact to allow me to adjust to her not being here, to stop me worrying unnecessarily that something awful has happened.”

Asked if she plans to continue using the multiple-choice strategy in her texts, Catherine said, “Hell yeah! My other half will love it.”

We think she might just be onto something.