This iconic 80s toy has had a makeover

Loaded with tiny sensors and LCD eyes, this popular 80s toy now talks and coos, and works with a corresponding app.

Developed by licensing company Wicked Cool Toys and Israel-based tech provider Seebo, the CPK Baby So Real doll aims to stir up nostalgia in parents who once loved Cabbage Patch Kids with the hope they’ll share the modernised version with their own children.

The CPK doll comes with touch sensors on various parts of her body (feet, cheeks, legs, back, forehead) and LED lights embedded into her cheeks that glow red when she’s “sick.” When that happens, you’ll need to give her virtual medicine via the spoon accessory (also loaded with sensors, of course) to make her feel better. The doll has a motion sensor so she can sense when you’re trying to put her to sleep.


This being a modern high-tech toy, there’s of course a corresponding app. By pressing the on switch on the doll’s back, she’ll connect via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet. The app has electronic versions of the classic Cabbage Patch Kid adoption papers and birth certificate. Activities such as bottle feeding, burping and nappy changes are reflected within the app via the doll’s onscreen avatar. The app is designed to look like you’re peeking in on a baby monitor, so you’ll be able to watch the digital baby react to how you’re playing with it in real life. For example, when you give her a bottle, you’ll see the avatar holding and drinking one of her own.

You can also rack up “Baby Points” that are earned when the baby is happy (i.e. if she’s hungry and you feed her, you’ll get more points), which can be later cashed in for new outfits, room decor updates and even a pet. The app also offers various games to accumulate points, and there’s even a TV in the baby’s room that will play old Cabbage Patch Kids commercials and shows for the benefit of Mum and Dad!