How to talk to your children about terrorism

When terrible events happen, such as yesterday’s terror attack in London, parents’ immediate instinct is to shield their children from the news. While this is perfectly natural, it may not always be …

BBC launches new iPlayer Kids app

The BBC has created an app aimed exclusively at children – BBC iPlayer Kids. Available to download today on tablets and smartphones, the name basically says it all: it’s iPlayer, …

Kids want parents to obey these 7 technology rules

Put your phone away when I’m talking to you. Don’t text while you’re driving—not even at red lights. Stop posting photos of me without my permission.

These are some of the rules for Internet and smartphone use that kids would set for their parents, according to a new study

The World’s Most Compact Stroller

When folded it is the smallest and most compact stroller currently available on the market, measuring just 30cm x 18cm x 35cm. It will easily fit into the overhead locker on an airplane or underneath a seat, and is suitable from six months to approximarely 4 years.