Santa’s Christmas Joke Book & Rudolph’s Riddles


Guaranteed to keep your whole family entertained this Christmas, these joke and riddle books make ideal stocking fillers.

Santa’s Christmas Joke Book >>

Rudolph’s Riddles >>

Containing over 250 groan-out-loud jokes, Santa’s Christmas Joke Book includes a selection of Christmas-themed puns, one-liners and ‘Knock, knock’ jokes about reindeer, elves, snowmen, Brussels sprouts and turkeys, as well as some truly “tear-able” jokes about wrapping paper, among other things.



There is even a section devoted to alternative Christmas book titles:


The accompanying Rudolph’s Riddles book, meanwhile, contains over 200 riddles, brain teasers and puzzles that will test your lateral thinking skills.



Suitable for ages 7+, this book will get the whole family working together to solve the riddles.



(Don’t worry if you can’t solve some of them – the answers are provided at the end of the book!)

Published by IOM Press, price: £4.99