From weatherman to writer: Tomasz Schafernacker unveils plans to release a children’s book

For years, BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker – recently voted the nation’s favourite TV forecaster – has been harbouring a secret talent as an artist.

The talented weatherman posted a photograph of himself drawing on Instagram last July, with the caption, “First intricate pencil drawing since art at college…been a while!”

He has since posted several of his works of art.

His drawings are so realistic that many of his 13,000 followers on Instagram have found it difficult to tell the difference between photographs of Dame Judi Dench, Will Smith and Harrison Ford and his drawings of them.

Charting his progress over the three drawings, he wrote: “Improvement over the three drawings. Harrison was pretty good, but Judy was quite a jump in detail. Will Smith is almost like a photo…best yet, but he took double the time Harrison did.”

He has also tackled Mr Spock, and several shark scenes.

Speaking today on BBC News, the 38-year-old meteorologist also unveiled that he is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book.