Mum presents teenage son with a cardboard cutout of the family dog to take to university

For 19-year-old Jake Ostrowski, the thought of leaving his beloved dog Jesse behind when he went off to university was too much.

When he told his mum Sharla just how much he was going to miss the 4-year-old golden retriever, she had a brainwave. Sharla did what any doting mum would do and found a way for Jake and Jesse to be together – well sort of.

She commissioned a life-sized, cut-out replica of the popular pooch.

“It was probably the best gift I’ve ever received,” Jake told NYmag.

“I’ve had tons of people quoting the tweet saying that they’re gonna do this now or telling their own mum to take note.”

Jake said he’ll have one roommate at university, but hasn’t yet told him about the canine roommate he’ll be bringing along. Let’s just hope he’s been paired up with a fellow dog-lover!