The ‘Prenup House’ that can be split in half in the event of divorce

With divorce rates on the rise, it is becoming increasingly common for couples to draw up prenuptial agreements before tying the knot.

In response to this, Amsterdam-based Studio-OBA have come up with a innovative design for housing that aims to remove the need to relocate following a break-up – a floating house that can be split in half.

Called Prenuptial Housing, this floating house consists of two independent structures, which can be separated if the couple decides to part ways – resulting in two units that can float away from each other

The idea for the ‘break up’ home was conceived by Omar Kbiri, co-founder of Maak, who says he had the revelation while looking for a new home with his girlfriend.

“With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is – regrettably – becoming more and more relevant,” said Kbiri, who is also a self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert.

“I especially like the fact that we can stabilize the home front during an otherwise very hectic time.”

“With this concept you namely don’t need to relocate after a break-up.