Hilarious AC/DC Parody highlights the struggles of “Nursing All Night Long”

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. But as any nursing mother will tell you, it can also be thoroughly exhausting, especially when your baby keeps you up all night.

In their parody of the AC/DC hit “You Shook Me All Night Long,” parenting bloggers MYLF (Mothers You’d Like to Friend) sing about the many facets of breastfeeding — from bonding with your baby to wishing he’d finish his late-night feeding so you can go back to sleep.

After the unmistakable opening guitar solo, the mums sing:

“She was a milk machine, she kept the house unclean, she was the cutest damn baby that I’ve ever seen,

“She had the brightest eyes, and the loudest cries, and I couldn’t get enough of those chubby thighs.”

Then comes the chorus:

“‘Cause the milk starts makin’, baby starts wakin’, my nipples start achin’ and you start takin’ it …

And you, nursed me all night long. Yeah, you, nursed me all night long.”

Nursed Me (All Night Long) is MYLF’s first parody song.

Masha Sapron, the Californian mother-of-three who started MYLF, says she wanted to reach out to new mums who might find breastfeeding isolating.

“Latch problems, milk supply problems – it’s actually not that easy for many new mums when they first bring their babies home,” she told Today Parents.

“There are so many mysteries surrounding breastfeeding and it can be so hard, for the first few weeks at least, for new mums. It’s invaluable to have women openly talking about it and supporting each other through that.”

Sapron says she hopes the parody will alleviate some of the fears new mums feel about breastfeeding, and encourage mums to find communities of support when they find themselves struggling.

“MYLF’s goal has always been to make mums laugh at the hard stuff,” said Sapron. “Women can be funny and sexy and be themselves — even while they are lactating. We have many, many sides, and one of them is being a mummy.”