Barbie’s running for President, and on an all-female ticket

An all-female presidential ticket is finally a reality. For Barbie, at least.

Mattel has launched new president and vice president dolls as part of the brand’s “careers” line. The company worked alongside the nonpartisan organisation She Should Run, which aims to advance the number of women in elected posts. While Barbie has run for the White House in the past, this marks the first time she’s had a female running mate.

The dolls, which retail for $24.99, will roll out nationwide in stores and online this month amid Mattel’s efforts to revamp Barbie’s image and reverse sales slumps in recent years. The company has been making efforts to shift its portrayal of Barbie to be career-oriented rather than just about a glamorous appearance.

“The president and vice president dolls continue our efforts to expose girls to inspiring careers that are underrepresented by women,” Lisa McKnight, general manager and senior vice president of Barbie, said in a statement. “We see this doll set as a timely and topical platform to further the conversation around female leadership.”

Since 1960, there have been more than 70 female prime ministers and presidents around the world. But the United States has yet to elect a female president. In Congress, women currently hold only 104 out of 535 seats.

The groups behind the new dolls hope Barbie’s latest gigs show girls everywhere what’s possible.

“We are excited about partnering with the Barbie brand given its reach and influence to encourage girls everywhere to unlock their leadership potential,” Erin Loos Cutraro, cofounder and CEO of She Should Run, said in a statement.