6-year-old blogger receives $2000 from Facebook for ice-cream video

A 6-year-old food blogger from India has received $2,000 from Facebook for the rights to one of his cooking videos.

Nihal Raj, who is better known by his pseudonym Kicha, started cooking when he was four, after watching his mother, a baker, in the kitchen.

In most of his videos, Kicha demonstrates simple recipes for desserts that involve minimal cooking.

Kicha’s dad shot the first videos on his iPhone, but now films them with a professional camera. The family, however, ensures that he doesn’t spend more than two hours a week on the videos.

Started in 2015, the young chef’s channel KichaTubeHD was inspired by the popular videoblog EvanTubeHD, whose 10-year-old host from the US reviewed toys and video games.

In May 2016, Kicha’s father was contacted by Facebook representatives, and the two sides struck a $2,000 deal in which the company acquired the non-exclusive rights to a video of the boy making Mickey Mouse mango ice cream. The video has become Kicha’s main hit, attracting over 120,000 views on YouTube.