Artist buys vintage dress and discovers it belonged to her mum 20 years ago

An artist from Cornwall was astounded to discover that a vintage dress she bought in a Brighton shop once belonged to her mother.

Lally Macbeth said that she was instantly drawn to the green and red Susan Small dress, but didn’t buy it straight away, as it was at the top end of her budget.

However, after struggling to find anything else, she called her mum to ask whether she should buy the £32 dress.

Advising her daughter to throw caution to the wind, mum Penny said, “Yes, are you mad; go, go, go!”

Later that evening, Lally sent her mum a photo of the dress and was amazed to discover that her mum had previously owned exactly the same dress.

“It is the actual one, I am sure of it,” responded Penny. “Oh my God. I always regretted getting rid of that dress ‘cos I know you would have loved it.”

This is not the first time Lally has come across a dress previously owned by her mum.

Lally said she saw another Susan Small dress on eBay that she liked.

“For one reason or another I forgot to bid but it came back into my mind after this and I ventured on to see if it was still about.”

“I sent a photo to mum and lo and behold she had also owned that one, both given to her by a dear friend in the 1990s. I had to bid then and won.”

Via Plymouth Herald