Dad recreates his daughter’s selfies with hilarious results

Dads are known for embarrassing their teenage daughters. But one dad is taking it to extremes.

Chris ‘Burr’ Martin, from Washington, has been recreating his daughter’s selfies and posting them online.

Fortunately, his daughter Cassie appears to see the funny side, sharing them with her Twitter followers, together with the original images.

“My father harasses me on social media,” Cassie exclaimed on Twitter, sharing a picture of her dad donning a hand-drawn tattoo and a crown made from droopy leaves.

A previous post shows him replicating a mirror selfie with patterned pants, a stomach tattoo and a duck face to top it all off.

In yet another post, Chris attempts to recreate Cassie’s makeup. However, the dad admitted that he didn’t think ahead when using permanent marker for the joke.
“Took me 3 days to get all the ink off. lol,” he wrote on an Instagram post.