British children favour staying in the EU, a new poll suggests

They may be too young to vote in Thursday’s European Union referendum, but that isn’t stopping Britain’s kids from weighing in with their views on the subject.

According to a poll of more than 6,500 children conducted by children’s newspaper First News, 71% think we should stay in the EU.

Writing on the First News website, 11-year-old Ethan wrote: “Stay. Because Brexit scaremonger say there would be more money for the NHS but there would be no staff.”

Another said: “If we leave it will have a negative impact [on our] future and the generations to come.”

Separately, a TES poll of 751 UK school teachers earlier this month found 70% were backing Remain.

The news comes just one week after MP Yvette Cooper said that mums who are uncertain how to vote should ask their teenage children for their views.

“A lot of teenagers are saying we should be staying in because they want it for their future, but they’ve not got the vote,” the former Shadow Home Secretary said.

“As a mum of teenagers, I really don’t often say this, but I think we should listen to our teenagers. This is going to affect them for decades. If you’ve not decided, ask your kids what they think.”

First News editor Nicky Cox agrees: “Children are 27 per cent of the population but 100 per cent of the future. They will have to live with the result of this EU referendum so they needed a chance to make their voices heard.”

“I pledged to cast my vote in line with the will of our youngest generation so I will now be voting to stay in the European Union, giving children at least one vote this Thursday.”

Via First News