It’s no joke! Research finds British parents don’t laugh enough

Laughter may be the best medicine, but according to new research, British parents are suffering from a ‘laughter deficit’ – with half of parents chuckling just once or less a day.

Two out of three parents say laughter is a stress-reliever and 28 percent say keeping the kids entertained is a source of anxiety.

Four in five parents say laughing makes them feel ‘happier in general’ while 41 percent said chuckling was good for their love life.

The research, which included 2,000 participants, was conducted by shopping centre owner, intu.

Psychologist Emma Kenny, who analysed the research findings, said: “The wonderful thing about young children is their ability to experience the here and now, which enables them to react to life moment by moment.

“Adults are often struggling with their work life balance, or focusing on things they need to do next, which impacts on their time and the opportunity to have fun and laugh at life.

“It’s so essential for adults to laugh with children and each other as it unites, inspires and reminds us of how wonderful it is to be human.”

Source: Intu Group