Gary Barlow wants to sing at YOUR birthday party

Singer Gary Barlow has promised to give his special fans a birthday treat to remember by performing at their parties.

The catch? You need to be celebrating a “milestone birthday” in 2016 and you need to tweet the star with a compelling reason for him to choose your event to sing at.

Barlow, who last year offered himself up as a wedding singer, announced the news by tweeting: “21, 30, 40, 60, 110 !!!!! I’ll come and sing at your party”.

The Take That singer has invited fans to campaign over social media.

His followers responded almost instantly to the tweet.

“My Mum is your biggest fan and she’s 55 this year….halfway to 110 – done deal?” wrote a user, to which Gary simply replied “Lol xxxx”

Some even said they’d happily age a few years if it meant Gary would sing for them:

Others questioned whether he might be availble for other functions:

Barlow’s latest campaign comes less than a year after he surprised unsuspecting brides on their wedding days.

In August he made Katie Hardy’s dream come true when he made a surprise appearance at her Leicestershire wedding.

Anita Jayne Morrissey-Booth was also left shocked when Barlow serenaded her with a rendition of A Million Love Songs at her nuptials and Chelsee Cousins got a wedding day surprise when he performed at her big day in Liverpool.

Barlow commented afterwards “I’ll look back fondly at 2015 as the year of the wedding crasher!”