Dad wants to tattoo his baby twins to tell them apart… but there’s a good reason

A dad who can’t tell his identical one-year-old sons apart is at his wit’s end.

The anonymous man wrote the cry for help on social networking site Reddit , admitting that he and his wife have ‘tried everything’ to tell their one-year-old twins apart.
The dad said that they are completely identical – except for the fact that one of the twins has serious medical problem that requires him to be given medicine every four hours.

The boys’ parents have been using a permanent marker to identify each twin. But a terrifying incident where the marker rubbed off in the bath and their grandma accidentally gave the medication to to the wrong twin, leading to hospitalisation for both, prompted the concerned dad to turn to the internet for suggestions of a more permanent solution.

Looking to avoid in the future another similar (and possibly deadly) mixup, the dad asked Reddit whether he should either get a tattoo or an ear pieced on one or both of the children.

He added that the plea for help was a last-gasp move: they’d tried a bunch of other ways of differentiating the kids, including nail polish, several types of bracelets, different colored clothes and shaving one boy’s head.

The post went viral, with users’ responses split between the options, while others chimed in with less permanent solutions, like a temporary or a henna tattoo.