Toddler’s hand paralysed by spider in Aldi banana

A two-year-old boy was left hospitalised with hand swollen “like a balloon” after he was bitten by a spider in a bunch of Aldi bananas.

Evan Waters was taken to hospital in agony after a bite on the fingers as he was eating the fruit his mother bought from the budget supermarket chain.

During the youngster’s ordeal his fingers swelled up “like a balloon” and he was unable to use his right hand. He spent two days in hospital where doctors treated the incident as a spider bite before he was allowed home following a course of antibiotics.

Aldi has since offered Evan and his family four free hampers and £400 as a gesture of goodwill. It is thought the spider crept into a box of the supermarket chain’s “worldwide” range of bananas while it was awaiting shipment to the UK from a warehouse.