10 Simple Beauty Tips For Busy Mums

If there’s one thing mums are short on, it’s time. Whether you’re a working mum or one who stays at home, you want to look your best and you don’t have much time to do it. Try these tips to get gorgeous with little effort, no matter who your audience is.


1. Get a good haircut
Ask your stylist to give you an easy ‘do. Specify that you want something you can let air-dry that looks good if you don’t have time to style. For the most mummy-friendly cut, look for something that falls between your chin and shoulders, so it’s not too long to manage, but you can still put it back in a ponytail. Keep in mind that easy doesn’t have to mean boring. Encourage your stylist to put some sass and fun into your look.

2. Invest in a good concealer
Nothing says “mummy” more than dark circles under your eyes. Invest in a good concealer to cover those bags and fake your way to a rested look. No one but you and your baby needs to know you were up all night long.

3. Lengthen your lashes
Look for mascara that lengthens, and be sure to apply two coats. Use a lash brush to separate lashes and remove excess mascara between coats to avoid clumps and raccoon eyes. Longer lashes give the illusion of bright eyes, a big help for tired mums.

4. Curling is a must
Never skip curling your eyelashes. It may seem like an expendable step when you’re pressed for time, but those few seconds you spend curling your lashes make more of impact than anything else in your routine. Heat the curler for a few seconds with your blow dryer, then curl away for brighter, healthy looking eyes.

5. Perfect your pout
Apply a shimmery gloss to your lips. It’s a quick way to brighten your whole face without a ton of effort.

6. Fake looking awake
Those red edges around your eyes are a dead giveaway that you’re in genuine need of slumber. Utilize a bare shaded eyeliner to shade in the inward edge of your eyes – top and base – to disguise the red and fake a rested look.

7. Shower at night
Move your shower standard from the morning to the night, when you’re significantly more likely to have time to shave both legs before somebody needs your assistance.

8. Stretch your mani
Make that manicure last as long as possible by adding a clear coat of polish every other day. You’ll help the polish keep its shine and keep chips at bay.

9. Stay hydrated
It can be difficult taking care of yourself when you’re so occupied with dealing with another person. Drink loads of water and stay hydrated. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll look better too.

10. Accessorise
When in doubt, conceal. Invest in a large pair of dark sunglasses. They cover dark circles and conceal boring skin, all while looking chic and snappy.